Roach Removal in Miami, FL

Unfortunately, cockroaches are much more common than any Miami residents would like. Don’t blame yourself if you find one in your house. They may decide to take over your home even if you keep your home clean. This often happens if you live in an apartment or condo complex and your neighbor, who has roaches, moves out. It seems that the number of cockroaches are on the rise in-step with the increased number of foreclosed homes. Those that reside in abandoned homes will run out of food, and then come look for food in your apartment or house, creating a problem for you.

Our Miami cockroach exterminators are here to help with your existing roach problem, but we can also help you prevent them should you be worried about a potential invasion. 

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Miami Cockroaches

Roaches are able to live in conditions that many other pests cannot because they are extremely adaptable. This often makes them more difficult to detect and to get rid of.

Not only are they dreadful and unclean, but they also create health risks to humans. Roaches will often be carriers of bacilo, which can be easily transferred to humans. They can contaminate any surface they touch; your kitchen counters, food, etc. For people, this could lead to food poisoning and diarrhea.

Preventing Roaches

Miami roaches can easily infiltrate a structure through the smallest of crack or hole on the exterior. Therefore, if you wish to keep the roaches out you will want to seal up any openings, no matter how small, on the exterior of your property. This includes openings near pipes, windows, baseboards, etc. It’s also wise to eliminate any extra scrap paper or cardboard around your home, in addition to your garage, basement, or attic. These materials are inviting to cockroaches. Another key to prevent a cockroach issue is leaving no open containers or food particles on the counters.  

Roaches will use sewers or drains and even the plumbing to get in your house. They will migrate between apartments by traveling along these entry points. Seal holes in common walls and pipes to prevent an infestation and use screens to seal any large openings. Whether you’re facing an existing issue or want to protect against the roaches, give our Miami cockroach exterminators a call today. 

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Removing Miami Cockroaches

With our experience, and those of many of our customers, in-store treatments for roaches are worthless. You simply won’t have the ability to buy a professional-grade cockroach removal chemical without the appropriate pest control certifications. The roach removal solutions we offer are sensibly priced and we guarantee all of our work. You shouldn’t have to suffer the pain of cockroaches for another day! Give Miami Bed Bugs Exterminator a call immediately at (786) 269-0530 and we’ll dispatch our professionals.