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Termite infestation on wood

All about Termites

We are going to answer all questions related to termites. Like what causes them? What are their characteristics? Where do they live or where are they from? And how are they removed by yourself and by an expert?


What are termites?

These are classified as insects that feed on wood. They food on food because it has cellulose, which is an organic fiber found on wood and plant matter. They are known to be a serious pest problem because they usually go undetected.

With that said, they mostly live on woods or foundations of a building where it is close to the ground. This kind of pest needs a professional help from experts. But before we dwell into that, let us know different types of these creatures.


Dampwood Termite

This type of termite is usually larger than the subterranean kind. It is found on woods that are water-damaged. You can also find them in stumps, lumber, fallen logs, and trees that are directly on the ground. Occasionally, they can be found on cracked water pipes or roof leaks.

Some people would say that if you have this kind of pest, you’ll eventually have termite poops inside your house. This is because dampwood do not create a mud tube, they go undetected by creating a hole in your support beams and filling that hole with their dirt or feces.

This would let to more moisture on your beams and would cause wood decays and fungus. That is why most of the houses that are infected by these have more moisture on woods that led to excessive leaks.


Subterranean Termite

This is the type of termite that creates mud tube from the ground and enter your establishment. It is the type to cause millions of dollars every year to fix structural damage. They are very much common in all parts of the world and very hard to treat.

They eat books, plants, and other paper products. Some of their colonies have more than one female laying egg. That is why they grow rapidly and infest easily.

You’ll know if you have these if you see wing parts scattered on the ground or on your floor and mud tubes.


Drywood Termite

This type of termite does not need too much dampness, instead they are able to live in exposed woods or logs. They don’t create mud tubes and can directly nest on dried woods.

They can either infest in a certain place or widespread. Examples of these are wooden furniture, wood structures, and structural beams.

The damage is quite massive and serious which can be costly and fumigation will be needed as they chew structural beams to create their nests.


Miami Termite Removal

As a pest expert, our advice when you notice these creatures, you should call us quickly. By yourself, you’ll just be wasting money on store-bought items that won’t even guarantee the elimination of termites. If you see signs of infestation, call us, and we’ll be at your doorstep. It is safe to eliminate this now than to wait for them to grow rapidly in your wooden structures.


If termites are invading your home give our Miami pest removal experts a call at (786) 269-0530, and we’d be glad to respond to any queries you have.

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